Volunteer with Us!

“I was surprised when I first saw how full of life Hospice patients can be! Hospice has taught me a lot about how to Live!”~Hospice Volunteer

The caring staff of U.P. Home Health & Hospice continue to help those in need in our community with the help of people like you who decide to become a volunteer or make a charitable gift. It is through the caring acts of our staff and people like you that are the heart of UPHHH&PD!

U.P. Home Health & Hospice is seeking new Volunteers to join our Hospice team! We’re seeking individuals who can assist our families by providing friendly visits, running errands, overnight relief for caregivers and much more. We also have a program dedicated to our veterans and are seeking other veterans to Volunteer. Your time is greatly appreciated. For more information please contact us at 906-225-4545 or email Volunteer@uphomehealth.org.

“ The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Gandhi

Our Volunteers are an essential part of our team and the Hospice Philosophical Care that we provide. As a volunteer with our Hospice program, you will discover flexibility, specialized training and opportunities for personal growth. Our team approach supports your role in making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. You will also find the support of our Hospice Foundation which provides resources for volunteer projects and our Make-a-Memory Program.

If you would like to join us in our mission to serve those who have served us, please contact us today. We have an upcoming training at the end of the month and would encourage you join our efforts. Please visit our website today to find more about the opportunities that await.

You can make a difference in a variety of ways through the following programs:

Veteran to Veteran Volunteers: This is a collaborative campaign put together by the Department of Veteran Affairs and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (www.wehonorveterans.org), designed to empower hospice professionals to meet the unique needs of dying veterans. Veterans are trained as Volunteers that offer companionship to our current veteran patients. They spend their visits being present, listening, helping with errands or light household tasks or providing short respite opportunities for caregivers.

Companion/Family Support Volunteers work to provide support directly to patients and families. To ensure that all volunteers are equipped for the challenge of working with those dealing with a life limiting illness, we require that volunteers complete orientation and training sessions. It’s important that volunteers understand the philosophy of hospice and are aware of the specific ways we work to serve the community. Volunteers spend their visits being present, listening, helping with errands or light household tasks or providing short respite opportunities for caregivers.
Special Service Volunteers are able to share their special skills of music or art therapy, massage therapy, and Reminisce therapy. If you have any talents you would like to share, contact us today.

Vigil Volunteers serve “vigil” for patients without family or friends present. Vigil Volunteers are also available to give respite support to family members during the dying process. The goal of the Vigil Volunteer program is to provide patients with companionship during their final hours.

Projects-for-a-Purpose – Special project volunteers help with special projects that are vital in providing indirect support to our patients and their caregivers. Many of these groups consist of resident volunteers from the local assisted living and nursing facilities or any established groups across the community.

Projects include but are not limited to:

  • Heated Comfort Bags
  • Fleece Tie Blankets
  • Recipes-in-a-Jar/Horticulture Therapy Kits
  • Spa/Foot Spa Kits
  • Cards, Letters and Flowers

Anyone interested in working with these groups should contact us today at 225-4545. Donations of supplies and project materials are always welcome.

Group Volunteer Opportunities exist for your group, club, or organization to become involved with hospice. U.P. Hospice will provide an informative presentation or on-site training for any interested group.

You can make a difference… volunteer today!

Stay in touch with what U.P. Home Health & Hospice is doing in your community, follow us at www.facebook.com/uphomehealth

To inquire about volunteer opportunities call our Volunteer Coordinator at (906) 225-4545