Skilled Home Health Care

iStock_000009513423XSmall_0“Just before Mom went up for surgery, I was joking with her: “I’ll be here to blow on your boo-boo once you’re back in your room….”After she was discharged from the hospital and went home, U.P. Home Health nurses took the sting out of caring for her wound. They changed her dressing and checked for infection every day for the first two weeks. They called her surgeon and helped us find just the right amount of pain medicine to keep Mom comfortable. I didn’t have to worry about anything except finding the perfect Snoopy band-aid.”

Skilled Home health care is a range of services, ordered by your doctor and provided in your home.  It’s seamless care:   a transition from hospital to home, from illness to health, from troubled times to peace.

  • Nursing care to educate an individual with a new diagnosis or to monitor a long-term illness such as diabetes, cancer, or heart and lung diseases
  • Rehabilitation after surgery, stroke, or injury
  • Support for every-day tasks like shopping or bathing
  • In-home help to coordinate everything from a sturdy walker to the right agency to help you sort out your disability benefit

Home Health Care is team work.

Your doctor counts on our professional staff to help you heal at home and to cut down on expensive trips to the emergency room. We’re the doctor’s eyes, ears and hands, 24 hours a day – and we can handle any weather the U.P throws our way, every day, anywhere our wheels will take us.