Spiritual Services

As the time of death approaches, it’s natural for patients and family members to re-evaluate their beliefs about life, religion, and what happens after death. Challenging questions arise: Why did this happen to me? What happens to me after my death? Will I be okay without my loved one at my side… ?

Whatever your belief or faith, the Hospice Chaplain is a steady source of spiritual support. The Chaplain has experience with grief and end-of-life spiritual concerns.  He will patiently sit with the patient and family members and work through the struggles and emotional challenges that arise at each stage of the Hospice journey.  He is on-call for spiritual counseling or to help you identify a clergy member from your own denomination or faith practice.  His insight and support can be uplifting.

Some families are reluctant to request Chaplain services; they may feel they’ve been away from church too long, or become estranged from their childhood faith. Yet Hospice can be a meaningful time to work through these faith concerns, bringing a measure of peace and resolution that will sustain the patient and support the family during the period of bereavement.

If you’d like to arrange a visit from the U.P. Hospice Chaplain, ask your Hospice nurse.  The Chaplains are a phone call away and available at times to fit your needs.