Home Care Aides

The Home Care Aide is often the Hospice team member who spends the most time in the home with the family. The Aide specializes in basic care, whether in the home or medical facility. They help the patient and caregivers have the best day possible. Aides can help with daily living activities:

· Bathing, dressing and eating
· Personal hygiene – teeth and nail care
· Assist with activity to maintain independence
· Transfers from bed to chair, from room to room.

The Hospice Home Care Aide works under the direct supervision of the Registered Nurse and must follow the plan of care and orders established by the RN. It is the Hospice nurse’s responsibility to educate families on important care measures, but the Aide offers ongoing support and can share tips and techniques that improve comfort and safety in the home.

The Aide is also trained to check the patient’s breathing rate, temperature, and blood pressure, and to alert the nurse manager to significant changes.