For Healthcare Professionals

We are here to help your patients attain their highest level of independence. From our skilled home health nurses, aides, and therapists, to our specilaized team of hospice experts, we provide a comprehensive set of healthcare services. When your patient is in their home, we are your eyes, ears and hands.

Individualized Communication With You
We know that maintaining strong lines of communication with you is a key part of assuring quality healthcare. We will notify you when a patient has any important change. We want to provide you with patient status updates in the fashion that you prefer, so please let us know what best suits you. We can send information to you via high-tech means or very low-tech, face-to-face delivery.

Patient Eligibility
In order to qualify for Home Health care services, your patient must be limited in their ability to leave home. For example, if your patient can’t drive for awhile after they have had knee surgery, our nurses and therapists can work with your patient until they have recovered. Beyond this requirement, there must simply be a medical need and services must be approved by you, the doctor.

We can contact you to discuss the patient’s needs and determine eligibility. This is our area of expertise. Let us do the legwork for you!
Patient Education
Education is a critical part of successful healthcare delivery. At one time, when people had longer stays in the hospital, hospitals had large education departments on site to give patients the knowledge and tools to help them recover or maintain a level of stasis. Over the years, however, healthcare professionals identified that the hospital was a good place to start educating patients but that education must continue in the home. It also became clear that the home is the best context for continued education: learning in your home = remembering in your home. In Home Health we have the luxury of uninterrupted time in the patient’s environment, ensuring the most effective education for patients. This means informed patients, improved compliance and enhanced outcomes.

Our LIVING Hospice Philosophy
We are proud to be a living Hospice. We strive to provide all Hospice clients with Hospice Philosophical Care; not end-of-life care. Hospice is not about giving up, in fact, research has shown that Hospice can actually increase length of life versus some aggressive treatments! Hospice Philosophy is also about providing comfort and empowerment to the patient, family and caregivers as a unit.

Hospice Philosophical Care

Unlike other medical treatment or critical care, Hospice Philosophical Care is a multitude of services that emphasize comfort and family-centered care. It’s meant for a time when active treatment of disease can no longer cure. Hospice Philosophical Care isn’t so much about dying… It’s about living well with an awareness of approaching death.

The Hospice philosophy is to recognize the value of each individual life – to keep the patient involved in important decisions and comfortable enough to find peace, dignity and some measure of joy in each day.

Hospice supports these goals in several important ways:

Pain and Symptom Control

Our Hospice staff integrates state-of-the-art medical and complimentary symptom management techniques. We work with the physician to help you be comfortable while remaining in control of your life.  Side effects are managed to keep you as pain-free as possible, yet alert enough to enjoy the family and friends who surround you.

Family Involvement

Through scheduled visits and family meetings, everyone remains informed about your condition and what to expect in the days ahead. Informal opportunities come up on a routine basis as nurses, aides, and volunteers talk with caregivers during routine visits. Family and friends are encouraged to express their feelings and to learn about death and the process of dying. Through family involvement, hospice care brings great support and relieves emotional stress.

Fostering Social and Emotional Health

Confronting the reality of a life-threatening illness can seriously distract you from really LIVING.  Our medical holistic counselors social workers and specially-trained volunteers focus on individualized support needs; ranging from coordination of community resources to providing companionship and emotional support. We can assist with letter-writing or phoning a loved one. We can help with running errands or reading a story. Our grant-a-wish program provides every Hospice client with the opportunity to fulfill a special request such as going on a fall color tour or flying in a relative from across country.

Exploring Spirituality

Particular beliefs and practices are never forced on a patient, but the topic of spirituality often comes up as patients and families reflect. Hospice staff and volunteers ask open-ended questions that help your family develop your quality of life wishes, including expressions of gratitude, forgiveness, and other unsaid feelings. Hospice can assist you with legacies, such as recordings, letters, or personal journals. Holistic Counselors can connect you with support for life review and memorial planning, or spiritual ceremonies. Oftentimes, the most meaningful gift is the offering of silent prayer or a listening ear.

Our Vigil Volunteers

During the times that a patient does not have family or friends present, our vigil volunteers are available to provide support and companionship. Our vigil volunteers are a special group of people who offer a peaceful presence and companionship when it is needed.

We are made up of a team of professionals

Our team addresses the needs of the client, family and caregivers as a unit. Our entire team meets every two weeks to discuss and review every facet of the patient’s and family’s comfort and care.  Medical issues are presented by the doctors, nurses, and aides. The spiritual, psychosocial and emotional needs are presented by our spiritual and holistic counselors, social workers and volunteers.